3rd Life


We now have all the skills we need for reading, researching and experimenting and are ready to define ourselves and create our own goals. We are confident in our abilities and aware of our weaknesses, We JMP_1142.resizedexpress ourselves through our writing and in conversations. We learn how to debate but remain respectful of those whose opinions differ from our own. Our interests include philosophy, physiology, physics, and history. We share what we learn with others and understanding the importance of working collaboratively.

We are ready for more advanced mathematics and scientific study. We tackle new subjects and more complex projects. We participate in activities outside the school such as scouting, sports teams, and volunteer work. We try our best to set a good example for younger students and share our knowledge with them. We learn to behave responsibly and recognize the JMP_1051.resizedconsequences of not making the best choices.

We learn the importance of seeking multiple sources of information and write research papers and essays based upon our findings. We are eager to learn new things and are ready to tackle the challenges ahead of us.