How Children Learn Organically

Each child enters the world programmed to learn in his own unique way according to his own unique timeline and style.

At the Organic School, children are grouped according to their age, individual learning style and readiness to learn.

We are a private school, founded in 1907 and still going strong! Learn more.



We hear a lot these days about the value of staying focused on the present moment--a philosophy that our founder had embraced over 100 years ago.

Marietta Johnson said, "The idea that education is a preparation for something in the future has such a strong hold upon the imagination that few parents can believe that if the need of the present is met fully, the future is assured. Growth has no external end. The end and the process are one."

Playground discoveries, scientific exploration, and creative play are just part of Early Life at the Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Mr. Sizemore's family.

Marietta Johnson Museum

Writing notes to classmates is a great way to practice writing and practice being a good friend.

Photos from Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education's post

Last week, one of our First Life students came back from the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center excited about designing and building parachutes. Ms. Andrea asked her to teach everyone what she had learned, and she did a great job. The Early Life class had already been designing rocket ships, so parachutes were a great fit.

Monday Memories:
We just love the photos we're getting from some of Marietta's Legacies (that's all of you who have attended and supported the school over the years).
Check out this great picture (sent in by Legacy Deborah Dale) of Mr. Mordecai Arnold and students from the Organic School in 1995. Thanks, Deborah!

The population of Fairhope in the year 1908, just a year after Marietta Johnson opened her School of Organic Education, was merely 569. These days, according to the US Census Bureau, Fairhope's population is closer to 21,000. My how we have grown!

(Photo of the Fairhope Pier, circa 1920, courtesy of the University of South Alabama Archives)

Photos from Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education's post

Here's a few more pictures from that nature walk the Early Lifer's took last week. Not only did they get to splash in puddles and find rocks, the outing also gave them a great opportunity to record their observations with notes and drawings.

Photos from Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education's post

The Fairhope Organic School has a great history of learning from nature. Our Early Life students had all the right tools for last week's nature walk.