How Children Learn Organically

Each child enters the world programmed to learn in his own unique way according to his own unique timeline and style.

At the Organic School, children are grouped according to their age, individual learning style and readiness to learn.

We are a private school, founded in 1907 and still going strong! Learn more.


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Looking good, Marietta!

Some sweet soul put a sweater on Marietta Johnson to keep the cold Bay breezes off her shoulders.

"The happy, wholesome, occupied child usually does not have time to notice adults." - Marietta Johnson
(photo courtesy of the Marietta Johnson Museum collection at the Fairhope Public Library)

Our kids love learning about the school's history. Last month, they even got to spend a little time with Marietta Johnson herself (played by the wonderful Cynthia Maggie Mosteller-Timbes of the Marietta Johnson Museum).

Art time is big fun at the Marietta Johnson School, and sometimes all that fun just doesn't manage to stay on the table. We think this art project turned out pretty cute. What do you think?

Ms. Hannah set up an Amazon wishlist for the Early Life classroom, and we just love the out-of-this-world bandages that someone sent!
If you want to send the classroom a gift, you can find Ms. Hannah's list at:
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As the winter months bring darkness and cooler weather, our Early Life class brightens the days with a tree of light.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: In the early 1900s, soap magnate Joseph Fels, made an $11,000 gift that underwrote much of the school's early growth. Fels was a great supporter of the single tax colony philosophy and radical education reform. In today's money, his gift would be worth over $300,000.

The rice table is one of our Early Life class's favorite sensory learning activities. Sensory learning activities engage all of a child's senses in exploratory learning that can increase spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, social skills, and even language skills. We also think it is lots of fun!

More photos from the school's field trip to the Marietta Johnson Museum. Our Early Life class, always interested in trying out what the older kids are doing, also took a photo on this great old tree, with teacher Hannah Schiller and wood working teacher Wayne Miller.