How Children Learn Organically

Each child enters the world programmed to learn in his own unique way according to his own unique timeline and style.

At the Organic School, children are grouped according to their age, individual learning style and readiness to learn.

We are a private school, founded in 1907 and still going strong! Learn more.


Marietta believed strongly in the importance of play for all ages. "It is only in the utter abandon of the self in the play spirit that we develop an understanding of one another and the universe, and when we understand one another there can be no hate or war." (Photo courtesy of the Marietta Johnson Museum Collection."

Timeline Photos

Another great project with volunteer Dawn Gorsuch. Even our youngest students can make projects with wood and other materials in wood shop.

Timeline Photos

Our Early Life students love to color. Oh, who are we kidding--we all love to color.

Timeline Photos

Our students love it when volunteer Dawn Gorsuch stops by for a project. In this project, our woodworking and craft time flowed naturally into phonetics practice. We just love when learning is fun!

Sure we've got the usual slides and swingsets on our playground, but the giant running rope swing is everyone's favorite.

FUN FACT FRIDAY: In Marietta's day and for a long time after, Organic School students learned folk dance. Marietta described it as "objective and purposeful," "highly social and very beautiful" and considered it a perfect avenue for unselfconscious self expression.
(Photo courtesy of the Marietta Johnson Museum Collection)

Partner yoga teaches teamwork and cooperation. Thanks, Ms. Shelli!

Our weekly yoga classes give the children an opportunity to learn self discipline and control while celebrating all of the wonderful things their bodies are able to do.

Did you see that article about the benefits of yoga in school? Our students definitely see benefit from the yoga classes Shelli Ledbetter Saleeb leads every week. Oh, and they have a lot of fun too!