Students’ exposure to music is achieved through the use of a variety of educational media and a hands on approach with instrumentation. Hands on learning permits students the opportunity to see, hear and feel both physically and emotionally the “Hows and whys” of the instruments. Children at the Organic School are taught responsibility and respect for a variety of instruments by learning care, respect, basic cleaning and maintenance of musical instruments ranging from keyboards, strings, brasses etc.

Age appropriate song is the route for student approach to vocals. How to sing, breathe, and enunciate, etc. are taught through actual vocal exercises and movement accompanied with familiar instrumentation.

The reading of music is paramount in music education. Beginning with rhythmic activities and movement, the idea of timing is achieved with younger children. The ability to recognize notes and rests and their values are expounded upon by implementing games and placing instruments in their hands. Reading music actually begins with the Pre-K and Kindergarten group and continues through all age groups.

Hand-eye coordination is incorporated into music as well through the use of percussion, recorders, keyboards and strings.

By participating in music the Organic School is encouraging the “Yes I can” idea for all ages, as well as working towards increasing creativity, reading and math skills, recognizing patterns and anticipating changes. Our music program has yielded budding song writers of all ages as well as promising performers of song and instrumental performance.

Performance is strongly encouraged and is important for the nourishment of not only musical study but is essential to the building of all facets of individual self-esteem. Organic School students perform at all pre-holiday school functions as well as within the community. The Organic School encourages self-discovery and creativity through the arts, including music, in order to achieve this goal.