1st Life

Learning through Exploration


Our minds grow as we listen to stories, identify words, and begin to read independently. We learn to form our letters and keep journals in which we record what we have learned in words and pictures. We manipulate numbers and categorize things. We learn about time, money, and the meaning of numbers greater than those we can count.

Our classroom includes the woods, gullies and nearby bay. What we learn about often depends upon our interests, which are subject to change at any time. Our teachers give us the tools we need, such as shovels, buckets, computers and microscopes. We do scientific experiments, form hypotheses and test them.

Our bodies are ready to play simple games and we run, skip and dance with ease. We learn to negotiate and work together cooperatively. Our spirits soar as we learn about folk dances, work with clay, and build things with our hands. We till the soil, plant our gardens, and learn to prepare the foods we grow. We take lots of field trips and broaden our definition of the world around us.