Early Life


Learning Through Play


We nurture young, inquisitive minds by stimulating our natural, playful curiosity. We explore and examine the world around us, our classrooms, campus, and all the places around our school, especially the woods and gully.

We capture and study insects before releasing them. We sing songs, create messy concoctions, cook, count and talk. We play with shapes and colors and listen attentively while our teacher reads stories to us. We make up our own stories and create convoluted costumes. Our bodies are growing and we eat good food to build strong muscles. We play outside several times a day and learn how to get along and play cooperatively with our classmates.

Our spirits grow as we sing, dance and create masterpieces with crayons and markers. We enhance our independence as we learn to do things for ourselves, like tie our own shoes, choose our own clothes and take care of our bathroom needs. When we are eager to learn to read and write we move on.