2nd Life

Learning through Experimentation

As our brains develop we transition from concrete thinking to more abstract concepts, usually between ages 8 and 9. We form our own opinions separate from those of our parents or teachers and learn how to express ourselves and our opinions while maintaining respect for those who might think differently. Our world expands and we become aware of different cultures. We learn how to use reference materials. We
solve problems, plant gardens, cook our own meals and read independently. We read our first chapter books and the tiny muscles in our hands are strong enough for us to write and draw with confidence. We plan more elaborate projects, develop lists of materials and budgets and build things meant to last. We run with confidence and learn the rules of simple games and the importance of working cooperatively with others. We throw pots on the wheel, make mosaics and write our own stories and plays. We start developing a sense of morality and ethics realize that our actions reflect ourselves and our character.