What does Organic Education mean?

Marietta Johnson referred to her philosophy of education as “organic” because it best described what she felt education should entail. She felt that education should address the entire organism of the child: mind, body and spirit. Ms. Johnson believed that education should be a living growing process that lasts an individual’s lifetime.

How long has the school been around?

Over 100 years! Mrs. Johnson founded the school in 1907. People are often surprised that our school is so old; they think the Organic part of our name is a result of the back to nature movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Instead, we are now teaching third and fourth generations of local families.

What is the average class size?

Early Life class sizes are limited to twelve students, while all other Life Classes are limited to sixteen students per class..

What is a typical day like?

A typical day involves six hours of instruction time and one hour for lunch. Instruction time includes lectures, labs, nature walks, independent studio time, classroom instruction, physical education, pottery, art, music, dance and theater. Students also have supervised free time to explore their interests.


What is a life class?

According to Marrietta Johnson, a life class is where children live as wholesomely, happily, and intelligently as possible, and incidentally learn something. Ms. Johnson did not separate her students into “grades” based on work previously completed. Instead, she placed children with their age group.

The Early Life class includes students considered Pre-K and Kindergarten. First Life includes students who would be considered first and second grade. Second Life includes students considered third and fourth grade. Third Life includes students considered fifth and sixth grade. Fourth Life, also known as junior high, includes students considered seventh and eighth grade.